Sun Support Okayama

We “Sun Support Okayama” (hereafter Sun Support) are the mothers who immediately formed a platform to support mothers who are raising kids in the various disaster areas of the Okayama prefecture.

For these families with small children, forced to adjust from everyday life into one in a shelter, we can provide attentive and rapid support because we, too, have small children.

The main activity we undertake is to promptly provide the supplies deemed most necessary by the mothers and their children in the disaster area.

We are contacted by mothers in need of disaster assistance via “LINE@” and then arrange the delivery of the supplies directly.

Currently, necessary items are collected through a dedicated LINE@ group called “Mothers who want to support” which reaches out to moms who are not in the afflicted areas to provide relief supplies. Still, because many supplies have been difficult to gather, we’ve recently decided to use SmartSupply.

How We’ve Done So Far

With the help of SmartSupply, we have been able to achieve 100% of the needed support for laundry items, detergents, cold water bottles for children, and thermometers. We are giving all of this to families in the Mabi district.

  • M Family who was affected in Okada school district.
    (July 27: Daily goods provided to the evacuation center in Okada Elementary School)
  • Afflicted day care center in Mabi area
    (July 27: 10 child car seats provided to the temporary day care center in Soja City)
  • Elementary, middle and high school students living in the evacuation center at Nima Elementary School.
    (July 31: 23 sets of handbags, stationery, bottle holders provided to use when going to a learning support center.)
  • Everyone who contacted us via LINE affected in the Mabi district
    (July 31, August 8, etc.: Daily goods, basic cosmetics, children’s supplies, school supplies, etc. to the evacuation center at Okada Elementary School, Nima Elementary School, Sono Elementary School. )
  • White Sneaker Project – Phase One
    (August 27, 30: 150 pairs of sneakers distributed)
  • Handmade Project
    Approx. 1500 handmade school commuting goods etc. gathered and distributed from all over the country.
Goods Received Through SmartSupply Up to Now
  • Laundry items (clothes pin hangers, power strips, etc.)
  • Cold water bottles
  • Thermometers
  • Laundry Detergent
  • School shoes

The support requests from mothers that reach Sun Support, when compared to the total number of people affected by the disaster, are few in number. It is difficult for them to get help from governmental and public volunteer groups.

However, these mothers’ small voices are directly connected to the future of their children.

Moreover, we can respond to the needs of real people interacting directly with survivors every day.

The goods that are requested here reflect what is currently needed.

We ask for your support for these parents of children who have been afflicted and hurt, torn from their regular lives. Help them recover a healthy, everyday life as soon as possible.

Sun Support Okayama

  • Mitsue Bowes, Mother of 2 kids (5th and 3rd grade)
  • Kana Sato, Mother of 4 kids (Senior and freshman in High school, 7th and 1st grade)
  • Megumi Okamoto, Mother of 3 kids (5th grade and 2 year old)
The activity record of Sun Support Okayama can be seen on the following Facebook page.

It is possible to support afflicted areas from all over the country or from anywhere in the world!!

Please see the items currently being requested here: